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Today, I came across the problem that your VCam device can't be passed into other remote sessions - no CITRIX, no RDP.
Your competitor SparkoCam solves the whole problem by creating a virtual hardware camera device, which is visible in the Windows Device Manager and can be adressed by any application. Even further, it can be passed through into CITRIX sessions.

Currently I got a workaround: I use VCam to do the green screen work, use the VCam software device as source in SparkoCam and use the SparkoCam virtual hardware device as final source for the video stream. (SparkoCam has extremly poor greenscreen features)

It would be nice if you could implement a native feature like that. As I see the other improvement suggestions, this could solve a ton of problems with other video software, as they can rely on a "native system device", which they were designed to do so.

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Comments: 1

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