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You have already made a major change in taking the background of an independent image with green background or not. but this idea that only serves the consumer standing and close to the disturbing webcam. As I explained I already bought the Logitech 920c because I know it has 1080p resolution but this space between camera and WebCam has to be changed. Can not a large company like Xsplit can not achieve this quality standard.

I work in a studio that averages five by five but VCam only works for those standing in front of the webcam. should have a longer range because if you get off the front of the webcam by a meter you already get the effect.

at this distance from my studio it no longer works because it is four square meters. and the VCam only reaches a foot of webcam

Suggested by: Hélio José dos Santos Filho Upvoted: 09 Dec, '19 Comments: 0

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