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I asked for that option before but didn't make it clear that I'm not using XSplit Broadcaster but XSplit VCam which doesn't have any mirror options. I'm using VCam with my karaoke software (SwiftElite from Tricerasoft which unfortunately has closed down hence no more support) which doesn't have any mirror options either in the video montage option where I use my webcam for a live feed of those singing behind the lyrics being displayed. My projected image from a projector is in front of those singing and need to mirror that so when two or more people are singing, besides seeing and following the lyrics, he or she directly sees himself/herself (mirror) and not the other person singing next to him/her. My webcam is placed in front of the singers on the projector. Some people watching the show are at the back and sees the singers from their back but can tell who they are from the image on the screen, be best in mirror mode. Sorry to be make this long but hopefully clear for consideration.

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